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HowTo Greeting on the motorbike


More or less taking notice of a oncoming motorcyclist. The lifting of the clutch-hand to max. shoulder height or the abduction from the handle bar of at least two fingers of the left hand.. Greeting with the right hand is usually seen as uncool (you would stop accelerating). In an emergency, as example when the clutch is engaged,  a clear nod of the head is allowed. Technically problematic, is the salute during overtaking. The classic greeting-hand, the Left is not seen by the overtaken vehicle. If you greet with the left hand across your body to the right, fellow bikers or car drivers will think you have an underarm-cramp or fighting with swarms of insects. Bikers with foreign experience will apply the Mediterranean variant to this situation: Spanish, Italian and French riders are always kind of busy with the throttle, clutching, shifting or their sozia(girl on the back), so they greet by abduction of the right leg. Only for experts is the so called “High Five” : The left arm is stretched so far that also extended hand of the oncoming driver is touched. Misjudgment of speed and distance can in this case, however, have extremely unpleasant consequences. An up and down movement of the horizontally outstretched hand should not be understood as a greeting, but as a warning against things like oil, cops or obstacles on the road.



Greeting on a bike is heavily regulated and is regarded quite complicated for most beginners. The question of who greets whom, when and how and whether first or secondly is a complex question and requires a very sophisticated look. The response to recent developments, such as the growth of the displacement of motorscooters and the steadily increasing number of registrations is controversial among motorcycle riders.
The best known and most important rule (“Rule Number One“) is: NEVER greet a vehicle that is not a motorcycle. These include motor scooters, and anything that has less than 125 cc or more than one track (except teams). Such a thing is not a motorcycle! Whoever negligently greets scooters, mopeds, mopeds, trikes or quads looses his face and all self-respect. This is especially true for motor scooter with an engine capacity above 200 cc.
* Vintage riders should always be greeted with joy and admiration, regardless of engine size. But classic cars are usually driven by tech-savvy older drivers, so-called ‘old screwdrivers’, and to such you have to show some respect! Hitting such an old screwdriver on the road, you first wait to be greeted and then salute back and cry with happiness and pride. From spring to autumn most of the old screwdrivers do not greet, since they are winterdriver (see below).
* Winter driver greet (qv) only other winter riders. Season-Pussys (sd) are ignored completly. When two winter driver meet, the joy is great! It beginns with a warm embrace and is continued with the build of an igloo or an huuge camp-fire where at least two hours of petrol talk (see below)  is done.  During the rare sunny days, Season-pussys instead will greet everything on two wheels, even with both hands (!) and thus sometimes miss a curve due to all the stress. They allways wear fresh underwear – since they could end up in hospital.
* BMW drivers are decried as a notorious and arrogant non-greeters, because they do not greet and do not return the greeting. This is not true:  other BMW drivers are greeted by raising an eyebrow or with a light lift of the chin part of the bmw-folding-helmet.



* Unregulated and therefore virtually non-existent is the culture of greeting the fellow biker on the highway. Even experienced riders can tell if you have to greet oncoming motorcycles over six lanes and a green stripe across.
* On popular motorcycle routes the density of motorbikes during the season or on weekends is  now so high that greeting is no longer consequently possible. This is due less to convenience then to safety, but it’s just not fun and is also not safe to travel 70 kilometers using only one hand on the handlebars.
* Drivers which you encounter with theyre kneepads on the ground, you do not have to greet. This guy believes that he is on a race track where the raise of the hand means, that he hast lost orientation and that hes driving in the wrong side of the track. This forces them to immediately stop and turn, since they think that driving in the opposite direction gets him penalized, fined, and at worst withdrawal of his license. Shortly after turning they will notice the next greeting and turn again. This will continue until dark where the greet can not be seen anymore, and the racer will then drive home to his boy.
* Harley riders should not be greeted. He could accidentally return the greeting. It can, in unfavorable speed and due to vibrations, brake off the handlebars.

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Since most no tachometer is available, meets the Harley rider completely unprepared. Since most of the links> 1 m wide and> 0.5 m high, it can be difficult to store. The typical Harley rider has therefore not even have a spare link here. This is the reason why Harley riders are so often on the roadside. As a passing driver can see the broken arm and no holds then for a bathroom break.
* A very serious problem in relation to the proper greetings are scooters with displacements of 250 cc and longer represent this because of their size are different even from the front of trained eyes hardly be true of motorcycles. Only in passing one recognizes his mistake, but then it’s too late. This confronts the real motorcycle rider with an almost insoluble dilemma: the violation of rule number one is to risk under any circumstances, be a greeting, greet authorized vehicle does not, you’re an arrogant sack with no social skills. If we concentrate too much on the oncoming vehicle to identify it safe, you run the risk of missing the next turn, and – but then correct greeting – in the guard rail to clap. A solution to this problem is not in sight, as the cartel known in government and industry refuses an identification system similar to prescribe the friend-foe identification of military aircraft, as a series of mandatory equipment for motor scooters.

The Lümmler
Lounging for hours in most skillfully rehearsed pose with his elbow on the tank. Glad to be here also only the outermost toes placed on the pegs, so it is called the ‘frog sprawl “is. Then comes a biker meet, is the hand (two fingers outstretched mostly) transparent in the direction of helmet, a little nod and Lümmler still falls back into its original position.
The shy ones (but also the most rewarding)
Uncertain they are waiting for a sign. In no case they want to embarrass themselves by and greet the others, it may not reciprocated. However, the timid at first greeted the joy is great and grateful he salutes back, often at the same time with my whole body, nodding, hand, foot or by acclamation, and all that.
The always-greeter
Following the motto “come what may, I always say hello,” he pulls his rounds. And he says quite seriously. In slopes, dragging the kneepads, sitting on the foot pegs, lots of traffic, an oil track ahead? High on the guardrail? No problem, it is greeted in each case, after all, it has been practiced for many years to perfection! The always-greeter also takes no account of type, brand, age of the oncoming motorcycle (except, of course, cars that are not defined as a motorcycle, even though they only have two wheels. As Harleys and scooters are). All that has two wheels, he presented with a collegial attention. So also 125 cc motorcycles, as they have deserved it as well.
Perhaps the greeter-
The Maybe-greeter, also called Vigrüß ogle, only the vehicle of Grüßungsanwärters skeptical. If all the watchful eye of Vigrüß will consent, that is, it is the right motorcycle, the right clothes, the right tempo, volume, etc. The right is greeted appreciatively. Only then it is usually too late and the other is long gone.
The Abklatscher (often Enduro)
Most are hidden among real cheerful natures and entertainer. The school was the class clown often, they are also trying to maintain that image street. The scare them by their sudden and sweeping movements sometimes other cyclists who fear an attack on life and limb, it does not bother. If it were up to them, they would shake the hand of every person coming toward.
The Augenzwinkerer (often novice)
Unsure of the two hands clasped tightly to the handlebars, fully occupied with gas, brake and clutch, they try by vigorous wink regards the reply. Very courageous spread sometimes even from the little finger around the handlebars and are happy then as the snow kings of the successful action.
The order of the greeting-will-driver (Grüwis)
A real Hardcoregrüßer. Usually found only in fine weather (rain, there are so few that they could greet), he creeps slowly through the area in order not to overlook a greeting candidates. Before the tour is still the most heavily traveled bike route picked out and ready to go. Greeting potential victims as far as the eye. The Grüwi is in his element. When he come home from work and hurt his left hand, it was a good day. If it does not hurt his fellow man may suffer for days on end and listen to triads that motorcycling is no longer what it once was, even before everything was better before all was well, as were all still together …….. because it was still greeted!
The Nichtgrüßer (often conscientious objectors or total)
The stubborn sonnenbebrillten look straight ahead, he denied civil obedience and the biker salute. His head is crowned often an open-face helmet. He is a rebel, an individualist, a James Dean of the biker who wants to be put into any category. Usually he had a domineering mother. Defiance, he defies all the rules, then all the others were still on the supermarket shelf quark or a glint in the eye of Dad when he had long called his own a Harley.
Street Fighter
Fit into any category, the Street Fighter. Most psychopaths, the visor black as her soul, often with skull airbrush on the helmet, waved it at will if they are in a good mood or feel the opposite grüßwürdig. Their greetings are always returned. However, more out of fear that runs this sociopath in denial ‘a gun and takes revenge.
The euphoric greeting
It is often practiced by enduro riders. It is under full tension of the body left arm broken in the horizontal, so that you can not really be overlooked (sometimes even in advance backed by horns).
The fireman – Greeting
The fireman greeting in extreme inclination (one knee touches the ground) is considered very risky. He is generally regarded as evidence of a high driving skills, but you should still wear clean underwear before. Heating greeter drive only on the outermost groove profile and compare who can boast the most pointed pegs. Who the art of greeting not controlled heater and still carries risks, his last, the so-called ‘golden greeting’.
Reasons why the Harley riders not waving back
First The warranty is void if it beckons non-American products.
Second With the thick leather and the studs, he gets his arm is not high.
Third He greets basically no drivers who have paid their bikes already full.
4th He is scared that the handlebar abvibriert when it is released.
5th Tthe wind could blow away the new tattoo on his arm.
6th He needs’ ne to eternity afterwards because of the vibrations of the handle to find it again.
7th He can not distinguish whether the other or greet the ears zuhält.
8th He has a Velcro closure due to the vibration of the handlebar grip and glove.
9th He has just discovered in the business section of the newspaper that Honda holds 60 percent of Harley.
10th Since the forced sale of his Harley last lift he hates all people who hand.
11th The Rolex may become wet.
12th The left handlebar could be stolen.
13th The left handlebar has been stolen and he holds on the speedometer.
14th The whole arm has been stolen and he prays a rosary.
15th He needs both hands to be counted with the fingers of the next installment.
16th He just polished the air filter cover.
17th Harley riders greet each other, since one has already seen the morning in the workshop.
Reasons Why Goldwing riders do not greet
First According to Honda’s manual, he must let go of the handlebars until the bike is, the ignition key is removed, folded out of the main stand and the radio is turned off.
Second On the dashboard is no button for “full automatic return wave” is.
Third He has just fallen asleep.
4th He gets his arm because of old age is no longer high.
5th He has a cell phone a conference call with his broker and Citibank.
6th Mom has forbidden to greet strangers.
7th He is busy with counting the lights on the Christmas tree.
8th He currently sorted his CD collection.
9th The hand in front of the antenna interfere with television reception.
10th He just gives the coffee things in the dishwasher.
11th Because of his Alzheimer’s he does not know then what to do with the hand.
12th He later found not between all the buttons, switches, levers and handlebars.
13th He just changed the battery of the pacemaker.
14th He just googling on-board computer, which means ‘raised hand of another motorcyclist’.
15th He greets the time, but because of the Geraffel around the handlebar does not the hand.
16th He is searching for a replacement battery for its Christmas lights on Mototrrad.
17th He greets not otherwise ride up the habit and doctor’s coat, or attorney’s robe is visibly similar.
10 reasons why a Superbike rider not greet
First He has so far folded behind his disguise that he only sees the instrument panel in front of him.
Second If he raises his finger, then the worse its aerodynamics and he is 3 km / h slower.
Third Be converted to extra-large shift light disco strobe blinds him.
4th His jet-black helmet visor is 100% opaque, and he goes to hearing.
5th He is doing a wheelie and do not see why the road in front of him.
6th He is doing a stoppie and therefore does not have the street in front of him.
7th He is busy, no brakes to slam into a truck, a tree or a guardrail.
8th He approaches the speed of light. Thus its mass is so great that he can no longer lift his hand.
9th He just really gets you. But he is so fast that it begins to travel back in time.
10th He came through the acceleration of his bike momentarily unconscious.

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