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Fatalities 2015

Since a couple parts have broke down since the start of my trip, here a detailed list of them 🙂

KM 100 : Generator died -> replaced

KM 850 : right fork sealing started pissing oil -> replaced

KM 1550 : Clutch cable torn -> fixed

KM 5100 : Oilchange on engine and gearbox … gearbox has a lot of metal dust in the oil 🙁

KM 8400 : Gearbox failure. New Gearbox kindly provided by my friend Bayram from Trabzon.

KM 10000: Oilchange on engine, gearbox and differential. Thanks to Malatia Moto!

KM 12000 : Lost the license plate in Tehran -> painted new one 🙂

KM 18000 : Oilchange and Filterchange on engine, gearbox and differential, Anakee2 tire discarted and TKC 80 is put on new, new gasked for both cylinders

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