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Here you find the links from travelers and organistions i met on the road. If you are looking for some inspiration why to travel overland, here you will probably find it:

My fratellis Andrea and Luca from, traveled from Turin to Japan in a 50 year old fiat 500 during 2015-16. They did this to raise money and awareness for the fondatione forma who cares for cancer sick children.

Follow Dave, a fellow Swiss i met in Iran, on the adventures of Dave Kretz or on Dave plans to ride his KTM 690 around the world and does so in a wild way. There is no trail he will not ride and no jump he would not take, a true adventurer.

The dynamic duo of Cyntia and Mike from who cycle from switzerland around the world. Very nice people whom i met on mulitple occasions and have now overtaken me and reside in Australia at the moment.

Brett and I met in India and rode until Thailand  together. He’s one of the few who ventured into Pakistan while crossing through the Karakorum into India. Started from England, he  rides his bike home to his ancestral home in Australia.

Another of the riders i met in India is Rupert. He drove his 1200 KTM Adventure Beast from India to se Asia and is back home by now. Hillariously funny read!

Juvena Hang, the wandering wasp, rides from Singapore to Italy on a old vespa. A great lady on a great trip, very inspiring, especially for female solo traveler.

Here the blog of grande Emma, a spanish girl travelling solo around the world and whom i met and traveled with in Laos. The blog is in spanish.

WelcomeByeBye Camping and Travelblog from Destan and Eyüp, two overlanders from Turkey travelling by bike or backpack. To create a temporary home, they opened a camping 15km outside of Kampot, Cambodia until November 2016.

The  vegan world-friendship-tour by the fantastic Carmen riding her Bicycle from Germany around the world.

Follow the adventures in yellow by Maggie and Norman, who keep riding around the world on their yellow BMW motorbikes and whom i was lucky enough to meet in Chaing Mai, Thailand.

My two friends Erin and Pete who travel and work around the world since quite some time already.

The awesome work of my friend Robert Hansen who keeps fascinating me with his macro photography from under the water.

Ed Pratt and his unique way of overlanding: with a unicycle! Very inspirational read of this young and funny man.

Looking for a guesthouse in Tehran? Have a look at the 7Hostel and say hy to Jalal and Jamileh from my part.

Check out the Shaka Surf School in Kerala, founded by Ishita Malaviya and Tushar Pathiyan who help the poor fishing community and encourage kids to get an education and of course some free surf lessons.

If you  want  to cross Myanmar with a vehicule, you  could contact Burma Sense. I crossed the country with this company and was quite happy. If you like to go cheap, tell them so, not that you end up in posh hotels when you’re usually accustomed to a tent 😉