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Day 579 – Back in Asia

After three short weeks in freezing cold Switzerland, a brief visit in Istanbul and a long flight back to Bangkok i am finally back in Asia.

My time in Switzerland was filled with visits to family and friends and i was happy to see them all again. To see my little nephew was a special thing since i did not see him since he was a newborn and i greatly enjoyed spending time with him, my little brother and his wife.

Due to all the visits and invitations, the time passed very quickly and too soon i was back on my way to Asia. Since i was flying Turkish Airlines, i decided to visit a good friend in Istanbul for the weekend. Having fallen in Love with Turkish cuisine, i was eager to taste some of my favourite foods like Kaymak, Kokoreç or the delicious Iskender Kebab. After a wonderful weekend of culinary and other delights, i was back on the plane and ready to wake up in Bangkok a couple hours later.

After having been slightly disgusted by the orderly state of Kao San Road, it lost its rough charme during the cleanup efforts of the military government in recent years, i decided to look for a more authentic place to stay and found a nice hotel near the Chinese District of Bangkok. Not having been gentrified yet, the old roads of the chinese district still vibrate with the essence of Asia. Noodle shops and chinese pharmacies opposite of busy metal and mechanic shops overfilled with steel rods and a myriad of engine parts, road stalls offering everything from grilled chicken to satai crickets and a revolting high number of shark fin and birds nest soup kitchens. It’s Chinatown after all.

Walking through the alleys made me hungry and i looked out for a nice place to have a bite. As a frenchman working in a typically thai restaurant started to talk me into having a beer, i caught interest. A couple beers later i found out, that i had stumbled into the famous “farang yum woonsen vendor”. Sam came to Bangkok years ago and started selling the notoriously spicy papaya and noodle salad on a road stall with his wife. Being the only foreigner doing so got him famous and he appeared in most of the major newspaper in the last couple years. Even the police doesn’t bother him because they appreciate his high quality produce. What a impressive guy… but see for yourself 🙂

The next day i was picked up by Bo, an old friend of mine living in Thailand since a couple years. We spend the next day at his place until he drove me to the nearby Dong Mueng Airport from where i flew to Phnom Penh. Thanks a lot Bo, it was great to meet you and your family again! 

Cambodia, here i come!

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