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Day 526 – Welcome ByeBye in Kampot

After a couple days in Sihanoukville i decided to leave the place again towards my friends in Kampot. They had spend a couple days in Phnom Penh to organize the transport of Daniz and where now back in Kampot. 

So i spend the next two weeks with Destan and Eyüp in their legendary Welcome ByeBye Camping outside of Kampot. Being close to friends felt good during this sad times and we spend a lot of time talking about our recent loss and our plans for the future. 

Destan and Eyüp both came here overland on bicycles and their trip had been under the flag of world peace. Here the video of their trip:

During my time there, we invited and visited many friends around Kampot and i deeply enjoyed the time there. Since Destan and Eyüp had rented this place to create a home for a couple month, it was clear, that the day would come when the Camping would be closed and both of them would travel on. Finally this day came and Destan left towards Vietnam and Eyüp went on the way home, but not without stopping in my beloved Iran. 

I had to leave as well since i wanted to visit my family in Switzerland before taking on my new job as mechanic in the Bike Clinic in Otres.

So, after a emotional goodbye, we parted from each other and a couple days later i was already on my flight to Switzerland.



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