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Day 509 – Desaster strikes

The next morning i left to the Island of Koh Rong from the port of Sihanoukville. On arrival i found the  room my friends had book for me and that they had left to the other side of the island to swim at the beach there. Since i was not in the mood for a 2h jungle hike i wandered around the main beach and had a look at the guesthouses and the island life here. Although the island is supposed to be THE party place around, i got the impression that this was a rather quiet place and i was looking forward to spend the weekend here with my  friends.

On my way back to the guesthouse, a friend of mine told me, that something terrible had happened on the other side of the island and we hoped it would not be one of  our friends. Unfortunately, we later learned that Daniz, one of the owners of my beloved traveler cat guesthouse and a wonderful and kind person,  had drowned this afternoon.

My friends who were on the beach with her had to carry her for 2h back through the jungle and the despair and horrors of this endeavor had marked them all. Together we shipped back Daniz body to the  mainland where we were silently greeted by the Turkish community of Sihanoukville. Together we transported Daniz to the morgue and organized the transport of the body to Turkey. After two days of mourning, my Turkish friends went to Phnom Phen to clear the papers for the flight home and we parted, overshadowed with grief for the loss of our beloved friend.

Rest in Peace my dear friend, you will be greatly missed.

Here is a article in Turkish about the inspiring life of Daniz.

I would like to thank all the members of the Turkish community in Sihanoukville from the bottom of my heart! Your help and support during those dark times have been of great help to my friends and myself. Thank you very much!

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