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Day 470: Traveler Cat Guesthouse – a new home in Siem Reap

After a stunning ride through farmland and rain forest i arrive in Siem Reap in the late afternoon. The Traveler Cat Guest house, which came with highest recommendations from my two fratellis from, is indeed a little jewel amidst this wast tourist Disneyland which has been build around the temples here. As i arrive at the guest house, the two owners, Daniz and Sonay, sit in the yard with a couple of friends and i am greeted warmly. The two came here to start a new life and have build a beautiful place which feels like home. Every day, they prepare delicious Turkish food for breakfast and dinner which i happily devour. The last month in Asia where almost always rice based, the change in menu is highly welcome. Occasionally we  even manage to get good cheese or olives from one of the rather expensive tourist markets. But due to the high amount of foreigners in Cambodia, almost everything is available here, from Italian blue cheese to French pain au chocolat… a foodies paradise 🙂

The downside of this is the incredible masses of tourists coming to this city. The Temples around Ankor Wat attract people from all countries and all classes and the city is filled with luxurious hotels and guest houses. Every night, the area around Pub Street is flooded with people from all over the world and it feels more like Brighton or Perth then Cambodia.

Traveler Cat Guest house is a phenomenon! Since its not listed in most of the online platforms, the only way to find this place is either trough a another guest or by luck. This attracts the more interesting people around and i spend an amazing time with all my new friends i have made here. Due to the many Turkish people, i’ve learned even more Turkish instead of the local Khmer. But i’m on it 😉

Of course i also visited the temples around here. Ankor Wat, the Bayon or Ta Prohm are a fantastic relics of the mighty Khmer empire who flourished here beween 11th and 16th century. Siem Reap was the biggest City in the world at that time, being home to one million people and covering more then 1.6 mio m². London had a meager 50000 inhabitants at the time. Together with Robi i visited the sites and here you can see what i saw there:

Ankor Wat: 

The Bayon: 

Ta Prohm and the Elephant Terrasse: 

And with this wonderful company, the days past by and without really recognizing it, one month had passed in a blink of eye. So i packed my stuff and after having promised to everybody, that i would be back soon, i left Siem Reap back towards Laos.

Thank you for this wonderful time i could enjoy with you all, my dear friends. See you soon!

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