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Day 446 – 4000 Islands

After two relaxed days in Ban Nahin, Julius and i left the place and rode further south towards Thakek. Again, the roads in Laos stroke us with their beauty and one has to force oneself to focus on the road instead of watching the landscape. As we approach the area around Nam Theun, the landscape changes into a massive death forest. Due to a dam which was build down the river, the water flooded the area and killed off most of the trees here. Riding through this surreal landscape is fantastic and as we pass a sign pointing to the Sabaydee Guesthouse, we decide spontaneously to spend a night here. The owner of this fantastic place is very welcoming and we enjoy the amazing scenery and the delicious BBQ in the guesthouse. The next day, Thon takes us to a fishing trip in the jungle with one of his daughters. As a frenetic camper, i try to make a fire to grill the fish afterwards, but Julius and I did not manage to get the damp wood in the jungle to burn. Not until Tong’s daughter comes to help and with a little smile on her lips produces a fire within minutes. To scrub off death bamboo with the machete is the trick. Well, now i’ll know for the next time 🙂

The next day we continue towards Thakek, where i part from Julius and continue my trip to Pakse alone. Two years ago, i met Chilli in Vang Vieng where we had a lot of fun and a rather unconventional experience with the local police, which made us even better friends. Now, Chilli has opted for a life in south east Asia and i am most pleased to have a drink with him in “La Terrasse” the restaurant he cooks for. Following his advice, i left Pakse the next day to ride to Tad Lo, a little village in the Boloven Plateau where a small backpacker scene has established itself. The Fandee Family Guesthouse, where i stay is one of those fantastic places there. Loik, the owner, has build himself a little paradise and at the same time helps some of the local kids with his foundation. What a bunch of great people ! The Atmosphere is so relaxed, that i decide to come back to this wonderful place a little later. Due to my expiring visa, i can not stay any longer and i’ll leave this beautiful towards 4000 Islands and the Cambodian Border.

A couple hours after leaving Pakse, i arrive in Don Det, or better on the mainland opposite the Island. To get there, one has to put his bike on a small little boat, a prospect which made me shiver. But even in a massive rainstorm, i manage to  get my big beast onto one of “ferries” and a couple minutes later i even manage to get up a large, wet and very slippery wooden ramp onto the island. I am proud not to have sunk my bike in the Mekong unlike a couple backpackers i heard of 🙂 .

The next day, same procedure again and this time, i am very lucky not to put my bike into the Mekong. Lucky me !

A few minutes later, one is already on the border crossing which  i manage to cross very fast and headed to Siem Reap, where the Traveller Cat Guesthouse was waiting for me to arrive.

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